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Traumatic Brain Injury Case Management Program - Services Covered

Available to people of all ages.

Applicants to this program must have a medical diagnosis of acquired brain injury. Common causes for this diagnosis include: traumatic brain injury; infection (encephalitis, meningitis); anoxia; stroke; aneurysm; electrical injury; malignant neoplasm; toxic encephalopathy.

With the goal of helping patients avoid institutionalization, the brain injury case management program offers the following services:

General Home Service Program Disability - Specific Services
Personal assistant Neuropsychological Assessment
Homemaker Habilitation
Adult day care Pre-vocational
Maintenance home health Behavioral/cognitive
Electronic home responses Supported Employment
Home delivered meals Case Management
Environmental modification Equipment & Supplies

For more information on case management services please contact:
Bob Cammarata, Program Director
312-943-3600 Ext. 319 / bob@icgrehab.com

Malgorzata Kot, Program Coordinator
312-943-3600 Ext. 331 / maggiebi@icgrehab.com