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Licensed Registered Nurse


Job Description

Job Title: Licensed Registered Nurse
Reports to: Clinical Supervisor
Supervises: N/A    


A Licensed Registered Nurse (RN) is an advanced clinician responsible for providing direct nursing care to assigned clients in their homes. It is the RN’s responsibility to assess clients’ care needs and coordinate all services on an ongoing basis. While the RN works as an independent professional responsible for the management of care to specific clients, considering the interaction and needs of the family and community, he/she works closely with a team of individuals within the organization and the community in order to assure optimal support for the client and coordination of care.

1.    Assesses the home care client’s needs on a continuous basis

2.    Initiates the client’s plan of care, revising it as often as necessary, taking into account the interaction of the client, family and community

3.    Provides those services to the client’s in their homes requiring substantial and specialized nursing skill, including observation, management and teaching

4.    Consults with and educates the client and family regarding the disease process, self-care techniques and prevention strategies

5.    Initiates appropriate preventive and rehabilitative nursing procedures

6.    Acts as the manager of the client’s care by coordinating agency and community services and making referrals to other services as needed

7.    Informs the physician and other personnel of changes in the client’s needs

8.    Implements infection control and safety precautions

9.    Evaluates the effectiveness and outcomes of care

10.    Plans for the client’s discharge from service

11.    Documents skilled nursing care based on the client’s care plan

12.    Submits all required paperwork in a timely manner according to agency policy and in compliance with legal, regulatory and reimbursement requirements

13.    Prepares periodic reports which are sent to the physician and payors regarding care provided to the client

14.    Participates in regular case (team) conferences with other disciplines involved in the care of the client

15.    Maintains professional competence through in-service education attendance and similar professional resources

16.    Participates as a member of organizational committees as assigned

17.    Maintains a working knowledge of their party reimbursement in relation to home health client benefits

18.    Drives to and from home visits and appointments

19.    Performs other duties related to this position as needed


Registered nurse licensed in the state of Illinois
Illinois driver’s license

Job Specifications:

Education – Graduation from a nursing curriculum accredited by the National League for Nursing, baccalaureate or master’s degree preferred.

Experience – Minimum of one year of hospital or home health experience is preferred: demonstration of clinical competency and ability to work independently providing and coordinating holistic client care.

Personal Characteristics – Empathy, warmth, tact, responsibility, initiative, objectivity, adaptability, organization, proven ability to foster good interpersonal relationships and a commitment to the purpose and objectives of the organization.

Personal appearance/health – Must be well groomed at all times and in good personal health.

Judgment – Work Uses sound nursing judgment based on physiological, psychological, social, spiritual and nursing knowledge. Substantial, and often prompt, judgment is needed to evaluate a client’s condition, needs and attitudes.

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